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Czech cinema in the new video on demand offers

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"The Button-Pinchers" (Knoflíkáři) and "Year of the Devil" (Rok Ďábla) directed by Petr Zelenka, as well as "Cosy Dens" (Pelíšky) by Jan Hřebejk, "The Ride" (Jízda) directed by Jan Svěrák or "Boredom in Brno" (Nuda v Brně) by Vladimír Morávek are only some of the latest offers in the TP video on demand. Due to co-operation with the movie distributor Vivarto, TP has expanded its film offer with artistic European cinema.

Apart from outstanding Czech films that were awarded many times during festivals both in the Czech Republic (e.g. with the Czech Lion Annual Movie Awards) and abroad, "Machuca", a drama by Chilean director Andreas Wood is regarded as the best movie in the history of the Chilean cinematography. "Unconscious" (Inconscientes), a Spanish comedy about love choices and a debut of Norwegian director Jens Lien - a crazy comedy-drama "Jonny Vang" can also be found in the September Vivarto offers for the TP video on demand. Additionally, two animated films for adult viewers will be available - musical "The District" (Hungary) and "Frank and Wendy" with plenty of black humour (Estonia). 

All movies available in TP video on demand due to Vivarto are widely recognised by film lovers all around the world.

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TP is planning to expand the video on demand library by up to a 1000 films by the end of the year. Currently, the customers may choose from over 700 titles. It is the largest video on demand library in Poland and one of the greatest in Europe. The range of the offer is also planned to expand from six cities at present, to 40 cities in the future. Video on demand that is home video rental can be used by customers of videostrada tp and tp multipackage consisting in television, Internet, and Internet telecommunications. TP video rental is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with no need to leave home.